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SRS Audio Sandbox

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3.81 MB
- PC with Windows XP SP2 or Vista
- 128MB of RAM
- Sound Card
- Speakers or headphones

The purpose of SRS Audio Sandbox is that we can experience the sounds of movies, games or music, as the authors have designed them, despite the limitations of our sound hardware.

In short, this is the best software to improve audio quality in our computers. Just choose the mode of audio output (speakers desktop, laptop, headphones, etc.) then the default setting for the equalizer (rock, classical, jazz, country, etc). In the case of advanced users, SRS Audio Sandbox also allows us to personalize all options to restore and even improve all possible aspects of sound quality.

Its most notable feature is the ability to have audio "surround" even if our hardware does not have that feature included.

Download it now from our servers and start noticing the difference!
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